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Summer Green Program

StaGreen’s Summer Green Program is matched by none. They may copy, but a copy is not the original. This all-inclusive program includes all your lawns needs to maintain that estate look. Using products others don’t sets us apart, and you will see the difference!

Whats Included

January-February. Liming is an important part of a turf management program. Rainfall exceeds 30 inches per year in Virginia, taking important chemicals, such as calcium and magnesium from your soil. This will cause an acidic soil condition, which greatly restricts the uptake of vital nutrients in the grass plant. The optimum pH level for turf is 6.0-6.5. We apply enough Lime every year to compensate for this natural decline in soil pH.

February-March. This application we will apply preventative Crabgrass Control to keep this highly invasive weed from germinating. Also, a broadleaf weed control is applied to eliminate any existing weeds in your lawn.

March-April. The second round of Crabgrass Control is applied with a broadleaf weed control to prevent and eliminate any weeds. Also, a fertilizer is applied to aid in green-up.

May-June. This application we will apply fertilizer to thicken, strengthen, and darken your lawn. Specially designed to last through the warm summer months. Also weed control will be applied to stop emerging weeds and eliminate any existing weeds. And your very important Disease Control will start now. Protecting your lawn from large dying brown spots.

June-July. This application we will apply the second round of Disease Control for continued protection against Brown Patch and many other lawn diseases. This must be treated on a 30-day interval to be kept under control. Also, this is the time we see Nutsedge start to emerge, so we will treat for this pesky weed now. And a season-long Grub control product is applied now to prevent eggs from hatching, this breaks the life cycle and prevents Grubs all year long.

July-August. We will continue the Disease Control to keep this invasive fungus from killing your lawn. Also, we will apply more specialty weed control to keep your lawn green and weed-free.

August. Final application of Disease Control protecting your lawn until the temperatures fall out of the danger zone.

September. A balanced fertilizer for fall color and summer stress recovery. Also used as a starter fertilizer for new seed development.

Oct-Nov. This premium blended fertilizer application is for fall color and root development. If new seedlings are present, this will strengthen and promote growth.

Nov-Dec. This application of fertilizer and weed control is specially formulated to promote root development and nutrient storage for winter survival. One of our most important applications of the year for weed control, this application is timed now to allow any seeding you did this fall to mature before we spray.   

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