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7-Step Lawn Program

StaGreen’s 7-Step lawn care program is time tested and approved! Don’t be fooled by the name, this comprehensive lawn care program gives you all the basic needs for your lawn. Enough specialty blended fertilizer to keep your lawn lush and green all season long. And don’t worry about weeds either, crabgrass and all other broadleaf weeds are taken care of too at no extra cost.

Program Details

February-March. This application we will apply preventative Crabgrass Control to keep this highly invasive weed from germinating. Also a broadleaf weed control is applied to eliminate any existing weeds in your lawn.

March-April. The second round of Crabgrass Control is applied with a broadleaf weed control to prevent and eliminate any weeds. Also a fertilizer is applied to aid in green-up.

May-June. This application we will apply fertilizer to thicken, strengthen, and darken your lawn. Specially design to last through the warm summer months. Also weed control will be applied to stop emerging weeds and eliminate any existing weeds.

July-August. Weeds, Weeds, Weeds. This application we will be scouting for several types of nuisance weeds like Nutsedge. Any Crabgrass breakthrough will be taken care of too.

September. A balanced fertilizer for fall color and summer stress recovery. Also used as a starter fertilizer for new seed development.

Oct-Nov. This premium blended fertilizer application is for fall color and root development. If new seedlings are present this will strengthen and promote growth.

Nov-Dec. This application of fertilizer and weed control is specially formulated to promote root development and nutrient storage for winter survival. One of our most important applications of the year for weed control, this application is timed now to allow any seeding you did this Fall to mature before we spray.

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